It’s been said several times because it’s true: Often times, pro athletes get a bad reputation.

Sometimes it’s warranted while other times it is not.

When it comes to money issues, fans get upset when players request trades or openly talk about making more money. While those things deal with their chosen sport specifically, it’s what happens off the field/court that usually draws the most ire.

Greg Hardy’s Reputation Took A Nosedive After He Was Charged With Assaulting His GF

Do athletes sometimes do dumb things to get themselves in trouble with the law?


And yes, there are the athletes that go far past “dumb things” and do things that are absolutely, without question, despicable and worthy of the disdain they garner from fans and even their peers.


J.R. Smith Holds Several Charity Events Every Year, Including A Golf Tourney

But for every one athlete that may get in the news for something negative, there are thousands of pros that do amazing things in their community – both in the hometown they grew up in and their new adopted city.

In fact, some of those athletes that you may think are spoiled or greedy actually do a lot of charitable work, too.

It’s something that isn’t always highlighted  – although there are many fansites in which bloggers are trying to change that –  but it should be.

In the case of Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith, he was always heavily involved with his charity, the J.R. Smith Family Assist Foundation (aka Team Swish), but it wasn’t until his youngest daughter was born that changed the way he saw the world.

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