It looks like King James’ reign as world champion may be ending (we can’t say for sure, considering how last year’s comeback went down), but when it comes to his bank account, he’s nothing short of royalty.

Well, there is one athlete that tops LeBron in terms of money.

For as much as the NFL rules the school in the United States, soccer (or football/futbol) is the No. 1 sport worldwide.

So when Forbes released their 10 highest-paid athletes list, you’d expect to see a lot of both American and international football stars, right?

You’d be half-correct.

There are a couple football stars on the list, but not as many as you think and when it comes to NFL players? Let’s just say it likely isn’t your first thought.

Apples to apples, the most profitable sport is basketball, namely the NBA.

Looking at it from a numbers standpoint, this makes sense; there are 53 men on an NFL roster compared to 13-15 on an NBA team. The money can get spread around a lot more in hoops than on the gridiron.

That said, some of the athletes on this list may shock you, while others may fall right in line when you think about how much these guys get paid.

10. Lewis Hamilton

Sport: Formula 1 Racing
Salary: $38M
Endorsements: $8M
Total: $46M

9. James Harden

Sport: Basketball (NBA)
Salary: $26.6M
Endorsements: $20M
Total: $46.6M

8. Stephen Curry

Sport: Basketball (NBA)
Salary: $12.3M
Endorsements: $35M
Total: $47.3M

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