Hockey isn’t exactly the easiest sport to understand.

Sure, it’s a lot of fun watching guys skate extraordinarily fast up and down the ice hitting each other, but unless you grew up watching the sport or currently live in an NHL franchise city, it really just looks like guys skating extraordinarily fast up and down the ice hitting each other.


Of course, it’s much more than that; there are a lot of rules in hockey.

Most of them are kind of strange, too.

For instance, in section 31.11 of the NHL rulebook, it states that a player may have to referee his own game.


If “through misadventure of sickness” the officials can’t make the game, the first step is that the league tries to find alternate officials.

If they can’t, it falls on the two teams scheduled to play to agree on a neutral party.

If that still doesn’t work, then each team appoints one player and those players officiate the game.


Weird rule, right? Well it gets even weirder, folks!

Did you know that ordinary fans can act as backups during actual games?

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