Thunder center Enes Kanter had a wild 25th birthday this past Saturday, but it was unlike the one you probably had with your friends at the club or at a party; Kanter spent his detained at a Romanian airport.

The Swiss-born Turkish citizen is on a world tour for his charity, the Enes Kanter Light Foundation, when his good deeds were met with apparent opposition from the Turkey government.

In a video Kanter tweeted Saturday, the Thunder big man said that he was being detained in Romania because Turkey had revoked his passport.

“What’s up, world? Just wanted to say we are in Romania, and they said they canceled my passport by Turkish embassy. You know, they been holding us here for hours by these two police.

You know, because the reason behind it is just of course my political views, and the guy who did it is, you know, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey … he’s attacked people in Washington. He’s a bad, bad man. He’s a dictator, and he’s the Hitler of our century. So I will keep you posted, guys. But just pray for us, and I’ll tell you guys what’s going on. Appreciate it.”

Kanter then posted photos of himself with the police who had stopped him at the Romanian airport. In one tweet, he wrote in Turkish, “Haha, the police officers guarding us are taking pictures. Who do you think you are messing with you cowards.”

Kanter has not been shy about his views on Turkey’s president and supports Fethullah Gulen, an Islamic cleric based in the United States. Erdogan has accused Gulen of orchestrating last year’s failed coup attempt in Turkey.

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