Is the honeymoon over for Tom Brady and Donald Trump or is there another part of Brady’s paradise that is in trouble?

That’s the question being asked as news broke that the five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback is skipping the Patriots’ visit to the White House.

Brady is citing “personal matters,” but news organizations and sports media outlets are scrambling to analyze the situation to come up with what the personal matters are, considering both his friendship with President Trump and his marriage to mega-model Gisele Bundchen are frequently the focus of people’s attention.

Can You Spot The Supportive Head Gear?

Brady and Trump’s friendship goes back a number of years, with the QB being an outspoken supporter of Trump in the presidential election.

When Trump announced his presidency in 2015, Brady was asked if he wanted his friend to win.

“I hope so. That would be great. There’d be a putting green on the White House lawn, I’m sure of that,” Brady told reporters.

President Trump’s support of Brady is well-documented too.

Trump has not only tweeted out his elation at the Patriots winning Super Bowl LI, but a few weeks prior gave Brady and head coach Bill Belichick a shout-out at his inauguration dinner.

It seems as though that something isn’t quite right then if Brady isn’t be joining his teammates. After he “allegedly” gave his support to Trump, Brady immediately tried to separate himself a little from the election, citing his wife, Bundchen, had asked him not to officially speak about politics anymore.

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