How any of us have survived the NBA offseason is a mystery, but an even bigger enigma is how NBA Twitter has survived the summer.

With most training camps opening today, all 30 teams will look completely different, one way or another, than they did during their exit interviews in the spring.

Before Saturday morning, it was hard to even rank which team came out on top as far as all of the personnel moves were concerned, but Sam Presti and the Thunder made it easy come Saturday afternoon.

It was said throughout the rest of the weekend and will be said in the remaining weeks heading into the season’s tip-off and will continue to be said every time Oklahoma City plays in a nationally televised game: One year removed from having Kevin Durant walk away from OKC, Presti may be a genius.

After months of Carmelo Anthony getting tweeted about for possibly leaving New York with his new-found “hoodie power,” he finally did.

And Twitter was shook.

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