There’s no question UFC needs McGregor back. Mixed martial arts hasn’t been the same since McGregor lost to Mayweather in a 10th round TKO and Jon Jones’ suspension the following month.

That isn’t all White’s working on, however.

White also announced to the L.A. Times that his intention is to stay at the helm of the UFC but that he’s “100 percent” getting into boxing.

“No, no, no, I’m not leaving the UFC. I’m getting into boxing with [WME/IMG head] Ari [Emanuel] and the UFC will be doing boxing, too,” White said. “It’s still early. We’re still working on it. I’ve got to get my [stuff] together, but I’m getting into boxing, man. It’s coming.”

The Times’ Lance Pugmire speculated in his article that White could try to forge a working relationship with boxing manager Al Haymon, an advisor to Mayweather.

“Al and I haven’t talked about this at all,” White said. “We’ll see who’s interested when I say, ‘Let’s do this.'”

White has spoken in the past about getting into the boxing realm and was spotted wearing a Zuffa Boxing t-shirt during the promo tour for “The Money Match.”

“I could see bringing boxing under our [UFC] umbrella and see what we can do with that,” he told the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay on a podcast last month. “I could see doing that.”‘

Watch White Talk About GSP After UFC 217:

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