Without question, LeBron James is the most followed athlete in North America.

LeBron is basically a brand at this point and uses his socials to unveil new products or share his favorite artist at the moment and even workout and vacation videos.

Because the man is a pretty savvy businessman, he’s been able to translate all of that into his social media posts.

Even in the midst of adversity, he is able to execute a tweet flawlessly, incredibly aware of the impact those 140 characters or less will have on his image, his teammates, and his partnerships.

Unfortunately, the King of Social Media has made a couple of faux pas over the last few days.

'tis the season ?

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First, IG model and avid outdoorswoman Heidi Hoback shared a screenshot of LeBron sliding into her DMs on her SnapStory Thursday.

Celeb gossip site Terez Owens shared the screenshot:

Now, for her part in this, she claims she didn’t know he was married and so on.

In all fairness, her claim this is LeBron hasn’t been authenticated and likely LeBron won’t address it, but Heidi filmed an explanation and posted it to YouTube.

Then came Sunday when LeBron posted a cryptic photo to his own IG account…

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