Carter made his final stop at the Air Canada Centre as the Kings played their one and only game in Toronto on Sunday night.

Or, so we thought. After Dec. 17th, no one is sure anymore.

The fans gave him an amazing send-off, but it may have been premature.

From the Toronto Sun:

“It’s just one of those things, it’ll happen, for sure,” he said of a Raptors reunion.

“Somehow, whether it’s one day or something, it’ll happen. It’s supposed to happen, I think. I can say that now. I’ve had a lot of people say it’s supposed to happen, so now I guess I have to believe.”

The Raptors told Carter’s agent that they wanted to bring him home last summer, before the Kings swept in with a massive, one-year offer. Carter admitted that he isn’t sure whether he will keep playing after this season, but Kyle Lowry hoped this wasn’t the end.

“Vince, his number will be retired, he’s a guy I’ve always looked up to, respected, someone that has earned the right to have his jersey retired in the Raptors’ arena,” Lowry said. “What can you say? Tip the hat to the guy that pretty much changed the game of basketball for a whole country … I hope this was not the last time of him playing basketball in this building.”

Watch Highlights Of His Time In Toronto:

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