We need to preface this article by stating something obvious right from the jump:

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.

Here at SportsHeist, we feel this can’t be debated.

Now, MJ may be the GOAT on the court, but off the court he’s said some pretty wild things.


This is the guy who has more memes that stick and circulate than just about any other athlete in history.

The Crying Jordan meme is so overplayed, yet anytime anything unfavorable happens to someone, people Photoshop Jordan’s face from his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech, in which he shed a tear or two, onto the person’s body.

It’s a little harsh, considering that even though he’s the GOAT, it’s still an emotional moment.

Back in March, MJ had a gaffe that spread like wildfire. While giving a speech at his alma mater during halftime of the Tar Heels – Duke Blue Devils game announcing UNC’s football team would be donning Jordan Brand uniforms from now on, he gave us this little gem:

Again, he’s the greatest of all time, so if he says the ceiling is the roof, then the ceiling is the roof.

Only Jordan could actually turn this verbal faux pas into major coin, which, he did.

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