One of the best parts of college sports is watching that one kid that for whatever reason was never offered a scholarship finally get one.

Not the high school junior that had to wait a year to find out he finally got his offer sheet from his favorite school…


We’re talking about the kid that worked his behind off, got into college on his own merit, whose parents are sacrificing and struggling in order to pay his college tuition, who was able to become a walk-on athlete in whatever his chosen sport was, kept his grades up, never missed a practice or training session, and is being rewarded for his hard work and dedication after the fact.

That guy.


Remember back on Mother’s Day when Eastern Carolina head coach Scottie Montgomery surprised a local student athlete’s mom by showing up to her job at an elementary school to give her the surprise of a lifetime – that her son was finally given a full scholarship?

Here’s A Refresher:

Well, those feel-good stories aren’t just reserved for the football few.

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