Kevin Durant is having quite the summer.

After suffering through the taunts, criticism, and “cupcake” memes, KD finally has the ring he’s coveted his entire life. As an added bonus, he’s the proud recipient of the NBA Finals MVP trophy, which will look great on his Hall of Fame resume to go along with all of the other accolades Durant has racked up in his career.

He’s got one of Nike’s best-selling signature brands and is now on the level that the shoe mega giant specifically caters to Durant to the point of clapping back at all of his haters with the just released Nike Red Velvet KD10.

On top of all of that, Durant is pretty tech savvy.

From a business side, KD’s Durant Company has invested in several technology companies such as Rubrik, Postmates, Acorns, Propel, and Zenreach.

Durant is also savvy on the user end.

We crowned KD the “Clapback king of Twitter” a while back after his social media game was fire this summer.

Durant doesn’t care who he’s shutting down and he does it in the most passive-aggressive savagery.

KD’s YouTube game is on fire – literally…Flip to Page 2 to check it out!

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