The NBA2K franchise is consistently one of the best-selling and most popular sports gaming franchises in the world.

But it isn’t just hoops fans and gamers who think the series is a big deal; the players themselves are really into it as well. Not just playing it, but the rating 2K Sports gives them.

It makes sense when you think about it – athletes work extremely hard to make it in their chosen sport so when a company full of non-professional athletes says they are only B-good when they know they are A-good, it tends to be a little frustrating.

Let’s face it, unless you’re LeBron James or Stephen Curry, you’re probably not going be satisfied with the rating you’re given, but it’s fun to watch the players find out what their ratings are.

Check out these disappointed NBA ballers learn their NBA 2K18 ratings:

DeMar DeRozan

Canadian #NBA2K18 cover star talks about his rating at commercial shoot

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The first Canadian cover star is pretty humble!

Kyrie Irving

Cover star checks in about his #NBA2K18 rating @kyrieirving

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The Cavs’ star point guard thinks he should be a 95. He isn’t too happy when he finds out what he actually is rated.

Devin Booker

70 point game intact, @dbook checks in on his #NBA2K18 rating

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Booker once scored 70 points in a game last season, becoming the youngest player in NBA to do so. The third-year shooting guard is taking his rating in stride.

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