There’s a reason why “NBA 2K” is one of the best-selling and most popular sports franchises in the world.

Gamers, fans, and players alike all love it. Actually, the players love it a little too much (Have you seen their reactions to their ratings?)…

The franchise does exceptionally well year after year because the company is constantly trying to evolve and improve the edition released a year earlier.

In other words, 2K Sports is only trying to compete with themselves, not other game manufacturers.

Their recipe that has proven successful.

“NBA 2K18” will be released on Sept. 19 and over the past few weeks, details have been slowly trickling out all over the Internet.

But now, we finally have an actual look at what we’re about to drop $60 on and it looks lit!

The “2K18” Cover Athletes Are…

2K Sports went in a different direction with this installment and actually has three covers: The U.S. release will feature Kyrie Irving on the cover. If he’s traded this season or sticks it out until the summer then leaves Cleveland, someone noticed an “NBA 2K” curse of sorts relating to this:

If Irving is traded, he would be the fourth player in five editions to have left since landing the cover:

“NBA 2K14” (released in 2013): LeBron James leaves the Heat to return to Cleveland in 2014.

“NBA 2K15” (released in 2014): Kevin Durant leaves the Thunder and goes to the Dubs in 2016.

“NBA 2K17” (released in 2016): Paul George leaves Indiana and goes to OKC in 2017.

“NBA 2K18” (released in Sept. 2017):  Irving reportedly wants to be traded by the Cavs.

One player not going anywhere anytime soon is DeMar DeRozan, who is on the cover of the Canadian release of “NBA 2K18”, and is tied up in Toronto until 2021.

The third cover athlete is Shaquille O’Neal, who is featured on the Legends Edition.

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