GM Mode Will Be As Real As Ever

There’s more to the MyGM than just the storyline mode. Fans are very interested in the NBA offseason, which is when front offices have their busy season, so the aspect of building and maintaining a team financially and the 2017 CBA will be featured. This means the new supermax contracts Curry and Harden signed this summer will be in “NBA 2K18”.

There will also be a new G-League integration, which will allow you to send your players down to develop and two-way contracts will be introduced.

Free Agency And Draft Enhancements

For the first time in the “NBA 2K” franchise, there will be a free agent moratorium period. You will have three days to recruit a player to verbally agree before he can actually sign a contract. It’s okay, the deals will be binding, so don’t worry about a player backing out.

Also for the first time, during the NBA draft, you will now be able to stash international players overseas for the first time and you will be able to trade players who were just drafted on draft night. Finally.

Some Other Quick Info

  • You can adjust how frequently a player wears certain accessories.
  • There will be My League improvements.
  • New offseason tab will feature a formal announcement for All-Star Game host city.
  • You can bookmark your favorite 2K online creators.
  • There’s a jump shot creator.
  • There’s a mode to practice plays.
  • New relocation cities, listed above.

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