Phil Jackson and the Knicks parted company months ago, and as we found out over the summer, the entire Kristaps Porzingis situation was not because of Jackson, but head coach Jeff Hornacek.

It also came to light that Carmelo Anthony wasn’t feeling as great about Jackson’s ousting as one would think and was willing – and still is – to waive his no-trade clause as long as it’s to the right team.

Those teams? It was widely reported that the Cavaliers and Rockets were on Melo’s list.

Either of those teams would put him on a roster with one of his three close friends – either with LeBron James in Cleveland or with Chris Paul in Houston.

Then, a clear front-runner emerged.

Within days, everyone said Anthony to Houston was a done deal.

Even the NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski basically confirmed it.

And yet, here we are, two months later and Anthony is still a member of the New York Knicks. …

If the latest reports are true, it won’t be for long.

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