It seems like as soon as Kevin Love arrived in Cleveland, rumors had him being shipped out.

It could stem from Love being traded from Minnesota for Andrew Wiggins, two months after the Cavs drafted him with the first overall pick in 2014.


There were mixed reviews after the trade was finalized. Some people thought the Cavaliers were getting an All-Star caliber big man who had already proven himself over the course of his career, while others thought the Timberwolves were the ones that won the trade, given the high ceiling and potential the rookie had.


It’s worked out for both clubs.

Whereas Cleveland has been to the NBA Finals for three straight years, winning the 2016 title, Minnesota was building through younger, less expensive talent.

The TWolves will always have an uphill battle to the top of the Western Conference mountain as long as the Warriors keep playing their “death lineup,” but so does every other team in the West.


Still, there are those who bring Love’s name up anytime the word “trade” gets mentioned.

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