There must be something in the water in San Antonio that makes their basketball players the kings of stoicism, at least for the last 20 years or so.

First, Tim Duncan, aptly dubbed “The Big Fundamental,” was infamous for not showing one ounce of emotion – to the point people thought he was boring.


Duncan may not have been as animated as say, Allen Iverson but his passion for basketball was as deep as Kobe Bryant’s – just without facial expressions.

Since retiring last year, Duncan’s picked up kickboxing and his trainer says Duncan is anything but boring and is actually a pretty funny guy.


Now the face of stoicism on the Spurs is Kawhi Leonard – arguably the best two-way player in the game.

Leonard, like Duncan, is extraordinarily talented.

He’s just not very outspoken and definitely doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve on the court very often. It doesn’t mean he’s boring by any means. Leonard is notoriously humble and quiet, to the point you very rarely see him crack a smile.

That is, until now.

Instead of asking what’s in the water in San Antonio, maybe we should be asking what’s in the water in China because our favorite NBAers are sure having a great ol’ time over there this summer.

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