Athletes are getting better and better, younger and younger.

It makes sense; the advancement in technology allows coaches and trainers to pin-point metrics regarding physiology and physical output at a much more detailed and precise way than ever before.

Not only that, but kids who excel at athletics are eating better and training differently. The facilities are higher quality at an increased quantity.

Good genes help, too like in the case of Kobe Bryant’s 11-year-old daughter Gianna who has a pretty slick jumper, just like her dad:

Happy Birthday to this lil lady. My Gigi!! #lilmamba #tesoro #11

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But Lil’ Mamba isn’t the only school-age young lady out here doing her thing.

Fifteen-year-old Fran Belibi has been an internet sensation since January when she became the first girl to throw down a dunk in a Colorado high school game.

You may have seen her in action, but if not…

You’re Going To Want To See This:

As impressive as Belibi is, she isn’t alone.

Laeticia Amihere is also 15 and a junior at King’s Way Christian High School in Ontario, Canada. She’s a very good basketball player, ranked No. 3 with a five-star, 98 overall rating in the Class of 2019 per ESPN.

She Also Can Dunk:

That’s incredible power from a 15-year-old, male or female.

But what about finesse? Is that becoming a lost art of these youngbloods?

Not if you ask Zion Cruz or anyone that’s ever seen him play.

They say he’s the next Russell Westbrook…Flip over to Page 2 to see why!

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