If you’ve ever been to an NBA game, you already know that there is a lot going on.

There’s the lineup announcements¬†– which can be an entire show in itself if the team you’re watching has something special going on like a retirement, there’s also music, dancers, a crazy in-arena announcer, fun fan games, and of course the 3-D projections that teams across the league are integrating into their pre-game festivities.

Cleveland’s 3-D Projections Are Epic

More and more arenas and teams are making the best fan experience possible and spending a ton of money to do it.

If you’re going to shell out the kind of coin some of these teams are charging, plus parking and concessions, they want it to be worth your while.

Toronto Incorporates The Mascot Into The Dance Team Routine


Speaking of mascots, there could be an entire article written about the crazy and kooky things that they do.

Usually, people find them entertaining until they mess with you personally, then they can be a tad bit irritating

The Mascot’s Job Is To Interact With You, The Fan


But sometimes, the weirdest and most entertaining things that happen on the court aren’t scripted…

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