There has been a lot of movement in the NBA since the Draft last week. The West Coast of the U.S. woke up Wednesday to the news that Clippers PG (and arguably, the best point of this generation) is now in Houston after a sign and trade deal.

Phil Jackson, albeit one of the greatest coaches the league has ever seen, overstayed his welcome in the Knicks’ front office and parted ways with the organization with which he won two of his 13 NBA titles (as a player).

Before Wednesday, two of the least attractive landing spots for free agents this summer were Los Angeles (Clippers) and New York. What effect does CP3 leaving and Jackson “mutually parting company” with the Knicks do for both of those franchises in terms of the appeal a free agent may have in choosing them over another team?

It seems like not much, although their place in the free agency hierarchy has changed.

Here’s a look at the five least attractive teams for free agents:

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Cap Situation: Forget it
Biggest Downside: LeBron James will be a free agent in 2018

There is no denying that the Cavs are the closest team to beating the Warriors in the NBA Finals, but who really wants to sign a long-term deal with a team that may very well be LeBron-less this time next year?

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