There are a lot of reasons you may be a sneakerhead. You could be in it for the style, status, or sensibility a strong sneaker game is sort of a must nowadays.

If you are into any kind of physical activity or recreational athletics, owning a couple pairs of casual tennis shoes is a given, but in this era, casual sneaker wearers looking for dope kicks have turned to sneakers and away from loafers or boots.

Sneakers come in so many shapes, sizes, styles, and designs in 2017 that they are no longer limited to the field or court and these shoes are getting flashier and sometimes more expensive too.

Pair some of these sneaks with your casual look for a day or try one of the innovative and fresh designs on for size.

Nike x Off White Collection

Designer, Virgil Abloh is a friend of Kayne West. His controversial collabs with Nike have turned via his brand Off White have turned quite a few heads.  Sort of deconstructing original Nike designs, Abloh makes something “new” out of mostly complete designs by adding his own personal touch.

Adidas x Alexander Wang

The AW Bball sneaker mimics court style of the 80’s and 90’s  but with modern day finesse in the rich detail brought to the table by Wang’s vision. It’s classic meets luxury and in great form as well as function.


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