Let’s cut to the chase; we all know who the greatest point guard in NBA history is. He played on the Lakers and was a five-time champion.

No, not Kobe Bryant. Black Mamba was a shooting guard, so that only leaves one other possibility.

That Form Tho…

But who else is considered on the short “greatest PG of all time” list?

Depends on who you ask and what your criteria you’re looking at.

Has Curry Done Enough To Make The List?

If best per season average is at the top of your reasoning board, then it’s Stephen Curry at 31.56 (2015-2016).

If you’re basing it off of NBA MVP awards, Magic Johnson owns that one with three. He also owns the category of elite point guards with NBA Finals appearances with five wins in nine appearances.

Will Russ Ever Be Considered One Of The Greats?

Unfortunately, players will be left off the list who were spectacular.

There’s the players who were phenomenal in their day like Jerry West, Tiny Archibald, and Bill Russell for those of you who like to walk down memory lane.

And, of course, there’s the players today who may end up on the list when their careers are over like Russell Westbrook.

Even still, Allen Iverson played the point for two years and although James Harden was the 1 this season, he was a shooting guard for the first seven years of his career.

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