We’ve been waiting for a classic fight between the two premier combat sports for quite some time. Prize fighters from boxing and mixed martial arts have been clamoring to prove themselves against one another, but is there a fair way to truly judge who’s the best?

If you take a high level MMA fighter and put him in a boxing ring against a high level boxer, odds are the boxer is going to pick him apart. The boxer trains his hands 100% of the time while the MMA fighter splits his training time between striking, jui jitsu, wrestling, and more. If you put that same boxer in a cage against a top MMA fighter, the results will be the opposite. How does he defend take downs, kicks, and submission attempts?

Different Game!


Of course, as with any fight, each man still stands a puncher’s chance in either arena, but that chance seems highly unlikely. This brings us to Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. The two biggest stars in their respective sport are going to meet on August 26th, 2017 in a boxing ring. The hype behind this fight will likely build it into the biggest PPV fight we’ve ever seen, but how will it live up to the billing?

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