Golf certainly isn’t as popular as it once was when Tiger Woods was the best player on the face of the planet.

Woods just dominated every tournament, propelled Nike to new heights outside of basketball with his endorsement, and was – for a long time – the face of the sport.


He brought an energy and passion that was unparalleled in golf. His young age coupled with the fact he didn’t fit the stuffy mold golfers fit into for a century made the sport likable by all walks of life.

Kids started getting interested in picking up a club and the PGA was selling out tournaments left and right thanks to a younger, more hip crowd.


Tiger Woods was on top of the world…until he wasn’t.

Golf needed a new star and a new way to engage fans.

They got Jordan Spieth and Maurice Allen.


Spieth, you’ve heard of.

He’s the just-turned 24-year-old who with three majors already on his resume has one more than Woods did at the same age.

But Maurice Allen?

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