If you’re not a huge baseball fan, we totally understand if you don’t know who Didi Gregorius is.

Before this week, there were even some MLB fans who didn’t know.

After his incredible campaign to muster up votes for the 2017 All-Star Game, everyone will know soon enough.

Like a lot of professional ballplayers, Gregorius didn’t just show up on an MLB roster and take the world by storm.

Unlike his predecessor, the great Derek Jeter, the Dutch shortstop wasn’t drafted by the Yankees and immediately became a household name.

He was a star in his native Netherlands and was discovered by a Cincinnati Reds scout in 2006 and signed with the team the following year.

Just want to thank everyone for the bday wishes

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After spending a few seasons in the Reds’ farm system, he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2013 and started in the minors until being called up in late April.

In 2014 he lost out as the starting DBacks’ shortstop but eventually saw the field due to an injury to the guy that beat him out.

In December, he was traded to New York, who was looking for the eventual replacement for Jeter.

Timelapse from Tampa to NY…

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That wasn’t all she wrote for the 27-year-old Dutchman, though.

Flip over to Page 2 to see how he landed an opportunity to make the 2017 All-Star roster…

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