The Internet is a weird place in general and Craiglist is its commanding officer.

There’s basically nothing you can’t find on the classified ad site anywhere in the U.S. Do you want to buy a goat from a dude in Montana? Check Craiglist.

How about a VHS collection of 80’s movies? Check Craigslist.

Just about anything under the sun can be found there.

Sixers center Joel Embiid is turning out to be a…unique individual as well. Eccentric, weird (in a good way, unless of course you’re LaVar Ball), whatever you want to call him.

He basically was the entire Draft Lottery show after his amazing facial expressions throughout the process – ahem, broadcast.

He’s also extremely active on social media, which has recently gotten him in some hot water (He was fined $10,000 by the league for dropping an F-bomb in an Instagram video in reference to Lonzo Ball’s dad) but he’s a great follow on Twitter, Instagram, and any other app you can find him on.

It’s just natural that Craigslist and Embiid would somehow come together in the weirdest way possible: the form of a balloon sculpture being traded for used tools.

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