We recently covered how dangerous the sport of boxing is.

Not that you needed a refresher course, or examples because the entire premise of the sport is punching someone else repeatedly while you avoid getting punched until there’s either a knockout or a winner is chosen by judge’s scorecards.

Of course, there’s far more to boxing then punching/avoid getting punched; in fact, it gets pretty technical, but for the sake of the narrative, let’s just stick with the punching aspect.

Boxers train for months before a scheduled fight. They know that a part of the gig is getting hit. But they usually only have to worry about getting punched from their opponent, not an opponent’s family member, but over the weekend that changed when Jose Uzcategui was sucker-punched by Andre Dirrell’s uncle and assistant trainer, Leon Lawson Jr., stormed across the ring and sucker punched Uzcategui.

It all stemmed from Uzcategui getting in a late hit on Dirrell as the two were fighting for the vacant interim super middleweight world title Saturday night in an undercard bout on the Gary Russell Jr. – Oscar Escandon fight at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD.

Dirrell hit the canvas face-first and referee Bill Clancy ruled the punch landed after the bell and Dirrell unable to continue.

Uzcategui was disqualified and Dirrell claimed the super middleweight world title.

In Case You Missed It…

As crazy as that fight story was from over the weekend, there was one that was even more ludicrous.

We had a double knock-out, folks! Flip over to Page 2…

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